Your bead for Venice

International Glass Bead Competition

The Committee for the Safeguard of the Art of Venetian Glass Beads (CPVV) and the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) present the 1st International Glass Bead Competition dedicated to the Art of the Traditional Venetian Glass Beadmaking. 

The selected beads will be showcased, and this exhibit will be held during  Venice Glass Weeks 2023

Venetian techniques and Venetian inspiration

Obviously, Venice has a long and impressive history in the development of glass art in general and glass beads in particular. For this competition we are looking for glass beads that are either made by traditional Venetian techniques or are inspired by Venetian techniques and styles. Applicable genres include:

-lampwork beads, beads created from hollow canes and blown beads

-Examples of traditional Venetian techniques are the use of murrine, the use of aventurine glass, stringerwork, drawn chevron beads, beads created at the end of a blowpipe at the torch, etc. 

It must be clear where the inspiration came from.

How to enter?

(for the 2023 edition the deadline is 23 April)

You can enter a bead or a set of beads for the competition by using the online application form here (link).

You can read all the details of the competition here (file). 

You can only enter the competition once. 

Up to 5 images per entry can be submitted. The entries should be single beads or a small set of beads, but no finished jewelleryThe beads need to fit in a 7 by 7 inch area.

There is a $20 fee to enter your bead in the competition ($15 for current ISGB members)

 the selection of up to 20 beads will be announced and they will be part of the showcase at the Murano Glass Museum. The selected applicants are responsible for the shipment of the bead to Venice before September 1st so they will be in time for Venice Glass Week. 

The opening of the exhibit will be on September 9  2023 . All applications will have the opportunity to donate their bead to the Murano Museum  which will make them part of the permanent collection of the museum.

Jury and criteria

The judging for the first selection of up to 20 beads will be done based on photos. 

The criteria for judging are:

*Connection to traditional Venetian glass bead making techniques and/or styles

*Overall quality of the bead

*Technique and skill shown

*Color use

*Attention to detail

*Artist’s description

During the exhibit, a second jury will judge the beads in person and choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner.

 There will also be public vote for visitors of the museum. The winners will be announced on September  17th 2023.

And the winners of the 2023 edition are:

1st prize Jennie Lamb, UK with "Mandala Complex Wheels"

2° prize Elisabetta Cappello, Italy  with "Foreground/Background"

3° prize Linda Wilson, UK  with "Essense of Venice", also awarded as the most voted by the Murano Museum of Glass visitors   

you can see all of the 20 finalists works of art images on our social networks 

Comitato CPVV Venezia (@salvaguardia_perle_veneziane) • Foto e video di Instagram 

If you have any questions, please contact:

-International Society of Glass Beadmakers (, mail:

-Committee CPVV, mail: